More About OmniWall! 

Have you ever spent more time looking for a tool, sorting through drawers, tool boxes or job buckets than it took to actual complete the job? 

Have you ever tried to complete a job with the wrong tool just because you couldn't find the right tool? 

Have you ever given up trying to find the right tool, the tool you know you have, and ultimately went to purchase another of the same tool to save time and frustration? 

Have you ever reached up on your standard pegboard tool organizer, grabbed the tool and have the other tools or peg hooks come down because they weren't secure? 

Have you ever had someone tell you to get organized or to get your stuff together?

The answer to each of those questions is "Yes, we have!"

Greg Parker, President of Noble Industries decided to do something about it!

Greg assigned a team of management and engineers the task to design and build a stronger, more versatile wall organization system for tools.

Panels are made with 18 gauge high grade steel and powder coated to resist corrosion.  Many attachments are 16 gauge steel.  Most all steel accessory attachments are made in one solid piece for the most secure tool storage system on the market.   OmniWall's unique patterned design enables shelves and many other accessories to fasten to the wall with OmniTabs and then securely lock into place with OmniClips in the peg hole.  

A completely modular and versatile system, OmniPanels can be hung vertically or horizontally.  You can even install them in a combination of vertical and horizontal panels.  Whatever wall space you decide to dedicate to wall organization, OmniWall panels should be able to cover it.  This versatile system allows you to customize your wall to your specific needs. There are over 50 attachments and 6 colors available.

As one of the engineers commented upon seeing the finished product, "this system really allows for all your common tools to be available at a glance while still being securely fastened so they can't fall off!"

OmniWall is a division of Noble Industries, Inc.  Noble Industries is a full service metal fabricator, founded by William and Anita Parker in 1970.  All metal panels and all the metal accessories are made in Noblesville, Indiana.  Proud to sell American Made Products!