Horizontal OmniPanel 16" x 32" (Includes Cleats)

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This is the same versatile metal wall panel as the 16” x 32” panel. Listed separately because you will want the 32” OmniWall cleats for easy installation. The 32” OmniWall panel cleats give you the maximum horizontal metal pegboard panel support system.

  • 18 gauge steel for a maximum strength pegboard system
  • Patented flexible design allows for shelf brackets, assorted pegs and hooks, magnetic accessories and can be installed vertical or horizontal providing endless pegboard tool storage ideas
  • All OmniWall accessories will work in the horizontal position
  • Traditional 0.25” pegboard accessories will still work on OmniWall metal pegboard.
  • Resilient powder coated finish available in black, red, white, silver, blue and orange allowing you to be the ultimate wall organizer

Product Includes

  • 32” x 16” OmniPanel
  • 32” Top cleat for installation
  • 32” Bottom cleat for installation
  • Installation hardware
  • OmniClips

Product Specifications

Horizontal Panel

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  • Horizontal OmniPanel 16" x 32" (Includes Cleats)
  • Horizontal OmniPanel 16" x 32" (Includes Cleats)
  • Horizontal OmniPanel 16" x 32" (Includes Cleats)

How Its Made



- All OmniWall's pegboard panels are made out of 18-gauge galvanneal steel making them durable as well as rust resistant.
- Notice our patented pattern design in our panels. This pattern allows our panels to be hung horizontally or vertically making our wall storage panels the only fully modular pegboard on the market.
- Our panels are formed by hand not stamped allowing us to keep our tolerance super tight giving you a higher quality wall organization system!
- We don't recommend it, but if you already have a bunch of traditional pegboard accessories, don't worry our panels work with traditional pegboard accessories.

How It Hangs

- The thing that sets our wall organization system apart from everyone else is how our panels hang on the wall. Our panels hang on a cleat system making install a breeze.
- Our pegboard system can be installed in drywall, studs, or any wall type you have. We provide you with the appropriate hardware to get the job done.
- Once you have your panels in place, simply pin them in with omniclips and they are easily removable if need be.

Modular & Versatile



- To sum up our organization system in one sentence it would have to be, it's like Legos for adults.
- The beauty of our panels is that they can be stacked, hung horizontally or vertically, or put up in any configuration that you can imagine. It will work! We know your garage walls are never the same, so we made a storage system that works for everyone.
- Since we make everything right here in the USA, we can hold our panel pattern to such a tight tolerance that you can span accessories from panel to panel with no problem at all.


- Although we know our wall storage panels can hold more weight, we recommend putting no more than 80 lbs. of tools or equipment per panel due to not knowing how the customer chose to install our panels.