OmniWall Corner Panel Top Shelf

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This beautiful shelf is to be used on your OmniWall Corner Panel. We have found attaching this shelf at the top of your wall delivers a sturdy top shelf and an awesome look! The bullnose front allows you to locate the magnetic flashlight in multiple directions. 

  • Heavy duty, flat surface enables you to store larger items across multiple shelves
  • The most solid construction provides stable storage in one piece of sheet metal
  • Cords on tools managed conveniently with the smart holes located near the back of the side brackets
  • Lock this shelf for additional security with OmniClips by pushing them into the round hole in the OmniWall panels
  • Allows your to extend your topshelves around the corner with a flat seamless transistion

This Accessory Is Meant To Have A Top Shelf Connected On Both Sides 

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  • OmniWall Corner Panel Top Shelf
  • OmniWall Corner Panel Top Shelf