3" Firearm 45 Degree Left Angled Wire Hook (2-Pack)

  • 3" Firearm 45 Degree Left Angled Wire Hook (2-Pack)
  • 3" Firearm 45 Degree Left Angled Wire Hook (2-Pack)


Pistol Barrel Wire Hook Hanger. The plastisol dipped rod goes into barrel to hold handgun. Pistol barrel wire hook hanger holds the gun at a 45 Degree from the wall and 45 Degree angle to the left. Each hook supports 1 handgun.

  • DURABLE POWDER COATING & PLASTISOL DIPPED TO PREVENT BARREL SCRATCHING – Great for all handguns and revolvers; protective black durable plastisol dipped coating gently and securely supports the firearm, unlike non powder coated metal gun wall mounts that can leave scratches on your firearm.
  • PATENTED TAB-LOCKING DESIGN & OMNICLIP SECURITY DESIGN - All of OmniWall's accessories have their patented tab-locking design making them truly a one of a kind system. We make sure that unlike traditional pegboard whatever accessory you have will not come off the wall unless you want it to. To add extra security, We also recommend our OmniClip Security that works like a push pin to make sure your accessory wont rattle or move.
  • DEPENDABLE AMERICAN STEEL –  Wire hook base is made out of 18-gauge pure American metal that is more durable and rust resistant than other materials.

Product Includes

  • (2) 5" Firearm 45 Degree Left Angled Wire Hooks
  • (1) OmniClip Accessory Pack

(Panel Purchased Separately)


Product Specifications

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