"The Serviceman" 2 Panel Fire Arm Storage Rack



"The Serviceman" 2 Panel Fire Arm Storage Rack. "The Serviceman" package is the ideal package for more advanced gun owners that have a multiple firearms & are proud to show them off. The nylon dipped barrel slot holder allows the barrel of the rifles to be protected from scratches & also rest in a secured position to prevent sliding. The butt or stock of the rifle rests on our padded angled shelf protecting them from damage and keeping them from moving. The rifles sit vertically scopes facing the wall protecting them from being bumped or hit causing damage. The 3 slot hand gun holder has room for 3 hand guns and side shelf for ammo, clips, holsters, or whatever you need. The Serviceman also comes with a single fire arm horizontal storage to proudly display your flashiest or favorite firearm. This kit also comes with one of our best selling shelves, the 5x3x16 All-Purpose shelf to give you extra storage.


  • DURABLE POWDER COATING, NYLON DIPPED, & PADDED SHELVING TO PREVENT RIFLE SCRATCHING – Great for all rifles, long guns, and ARs; protective black durable nylon dipped coating gently and securely supports the firearm, unlike non powder coated metal gun wall mounts that can leave scratches on your firearm.
  • PATENTED TAB-LOCKING DESIGN & OMNICLIP SECURITY DESIGN - All of OmniWall's accessories have their patented tab-locking design making them truly a one of a kind system. We make sure that unlike traditional pegboard whatever accessory you have will not come off the wall unless you want it to. To add extra security, We also recommend our OmniClip Security that works like a push pin to make sure your accessory wont rattle or move.
  • DEPENDABLE AMERICAN GALVANEAL STEEL – All OmniWall accessories are made out of 18-gauge pure American galvaneal metal that is more durable and rust resistant than other materials.


Product Includes:

  • (1) 32" Top & Bottom Cleat Set
  • (2) 16x32 OmniPanel
  • (1) Top 4 Slot Rifle Holder
  • (1) Padded Angled Bottom Shelf
  • (1) 3 Slot Hand Gun Holder
  • (1) Single Firearm Holder 2-Pack
  • (1) 5x3x16 All-Purpose Shelf
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  • "The Serviceman" 2 Panel Fire Arm Storage Rack
  • "The Serviceman" 2 Panel Fire Arm Storage Rack