What sets OmniWall Metal Peg Board apart from the competition?

Whether you discover OmniWall through an internet search for a wall organization system or you see us at a Trade Show near you, you will want to know what makes us different from other wall organization systems.

Below are what we think are the Top Ten items that make OmniWall superior to any other wall organization system.

  1. All OmniWall products, including our Heavy Duty Storage Racks, are fabricated using galvannealed steel for extreme durability.
  2. OmniPanels are fabricated using 18 gauge steel, which is thicker than the competition.
  3. Shelves are also 18 gauge steel and one-piece solid construction.
  4. All OmniWall accessories are of single-piece construction – no assembly required.
  5. Products are easily fastened into place using our custom tab/slot design.
  6. Extra security by locking shelves and accessories into place using the provided ‘Christmas Tree’ or ‘Automotive Push Pin’ style clips that we call OmniClips.
  7. OmniWall Panels are designed to be hung either vertically or horizontally.
  8. OmniWall is completely modular to allow personalization.
  9. Six Standard Colors Available – Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange and Silver.
  10. Made in the USA

These are our Top Ten Reasons you should buy OmniWall. We would love to know why you bought OmniWall.

May 13th 2024

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