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OmniWall is a fully-modular metal pegboard system presented by Noble Industries. The OmniWall product line puts your hammers, drivers, drills, wrenches & all your hand tools within easy access on your wall.  All the metal panels and metal accessories are made in America.

OmniWall is a patented design is the most versatile design on the market. 16” x 32” panels can be installed vertically or horizontally.   The peg holes can used for traditional peg hooks and they can also be used for secondary secure option for the metal shelves and accessories.

The OmniWall Panel is 18 gauge steel construction pegboard. Made in America, all the accessories were tested to ensure superior strength so that you have a secure way to proudly display your tools. OmniWall is attractive and available in 6 different colors. With over 42 different hooks, shelves, & hangers available in black, white, silver, red, blue and orange, there are 36 color combinations.

We believe this is the highest quality wall organization system on the market.