The Best Wall Organization System on the Market

Whether you are a business with a need for quick access to tools or a homeowner who loves organization, OmniWall has it covered!  OmniWall Kits are a metal peg board wall organization system created for versatility, secure attachment, and strength.


Much thought was given by the development team about how tools are used. Guess what! No two individuals use their tools the same way so the wall system needed to be versatile. In business, no two businesses require the “Set In Order” use or organization of tools and work instructions so versatility needs to be considered. In fact, versatility had to rule the OmniWall design!

1. The  OmniWall panels have a unique design that allows use of the vertical and horizontal slots.

2. The 16” x 32” panels can also be attached to the wall in either direction, vertically or horizontally.

3. Many accessories can be used for multiple tools or functions

4. The OmniWall design was created for an accessory to span multiple panels, giving you complete control of your wall and accessory placement

5. Lastly, if you want to continue using traditional peg hooks, the hole pattern still allows you to be frustrated by peg hooks that aren’t secure.

These are just a few of the versatile functions of OmniWall. When you buy your OmniWall system, you will see even more versatile features.

Secure Attachment

The development team also wanted the wall and all accessories to be securely attached.

1. The cleat/bracket system was designed as the backbone. The cleat has slots for the versatility of different stud widths, and wall or rack attachments.

2. The unique design of the top cleat gives a lip so the panel rests securely on and behind the wall cleat. The bottom cleat is designed for the panel to rest on and in the cleat. Holes are located on the top and the bottom of each panel so that you can use the OmniWall clips to securely lock the panel on the cleat system.

3. All accessories are designed with holes so that you can lock the attachment to the wall. As our President says “We didn’t invent the hole, we just use the peg hole for what we believe it was designed for, to lock accessories into place.”


The OmniWall panel is 18 gauge galvannealed steel. The panel footprint was developed with strength consideration in mind. Many accessories are 16 gauge galvannealed steel. All accessories are one-piece solid construction. Importance is placed on strength in every accessory.

OmniWall was designed to be so versatile, strong, and secure that the automotive shop, the woodworker, the homeowner, and the large corporation could all use the wall organization system for their unique purpose. While initial consideration was not given to a racing trailer, we now have customers who have mounted OmniWall in their trailers. These are just a few reasons OmniWall is the best wall organization system on the market. Mission Accomplished! For more information or to get yourself or your business organized go to:

May 13th 2024

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