Why we love new things that simplify our lives

Why we love new things that simplify our lives

Do you own and use a garage door opener? Most of us do because it’s one of those many things that simplify our lives.

Do you use a mechanical lawn mower, weed eater, or blower? Most of us do because those things simplify our lives.

What about battery operated drills, saws, grinders, and other power tools, do you use them?

All these inventions were designed to make your life simpler. Typically we will try just about anything that will save us time, energy and effort.

According to Wikipedia, the perforated pegboard was patented in 1962. It was created to organize items on a wall where you could see them and know immediately where the item was located without digging through many drawers and boxes. It also some kept items off the floor. All of these were good reasons to have used pegboard. It has some inherent flaws. Two main flaws are that pegboard can break if you put too much weight on it and the wire hooks are flimsy. My biggest problem with pegboard is the wire hooks separate from the pegboard way too easily which allow several items to fall off when reaching for one item. In other words, the system is not solid, sturdy or reliable.

As with many inventions, OmniWall was created out of a need and desire for a better all around product. The strength of the materials, every item is metal, combined with the locking mechanism on every accessory, of which there are over 50, makes OmniWall by far the most solid, versatile and functional wall organization on the market.

OmniWall is what pegboard wanted to be when it grew up.

About OmniWall: Check out the 18 gauge galvanneal steel construction of the panels, to the sturdy one piece constructed shelves and accessories online at or at the local Clay Terrace, Carmel, Indiana retail store. 

Feb 9th 2024 Brenda Snyder

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